A well-known player among online fax services, eFax is a flexible digital faxing platform that allows you to send and receive faxes via email, the internet and your mobile device. Although it's not as favorably priced as some competitors, eFax delivers rich features that are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.

The eFax Plus plan gives you 150 incoming pages and 150 outgoing pages while the Pro plan provides 200 of each. Any sent or received faxes that exceed those limits will cost 10 cents per page. While the plans may be suitable for smaller offices or businesses that don't heavily use faxing, they don't provide as much value as some of the other online fax services we reviewed. For starters, the eFax plans are pricier than most competitors' entry-level plans, with a smaller faxing limit. Additionally, the service charges more per fax than our higher-ranked fax services. You can sign up for either a monthly or an annual plan; the latter offers some savings over the monthly option.

Although its pricing isn't highly competitive, its feature set is. eFax provides a number of notable features that make faxing quick, easy and convenient. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other widely used email clients so that you can efficiently send and receive fax documents as email attachments directly from your inbox. The service also has a digitized signature feature that allows you to sign faxes online. You simply create a signature stamp that you can drag and drop into documents. This is far easier and more convenient than printing, signing and scanning documents that require a signature.

The flagship features of this digital faxing service are its large file sharing and mobile access. Using your online account, you can send and receive files that are too big for email. The service also has apps for iPhone and Android that enable you to conveniently send and receive faxes from your smartphone at any time. With such broad accessibility, you can manage your faxes from virtually any device with an internet connection.

Another strong suit of this fax service is its intuitive and polished user interface. The initial home screen is divided into four main categories that allow you to navigate your account with ease: View Faxes, Send Faxes, Update Account and Help. You can send and receive faxes through the message center, which works like an email client, fostering quick and easy familiarization among new users. Whether you want to download a fax attachment or forward a fax, eFax makes fax management convenient, and using the service is simple – even if you're an inexperienced user.

When it comes to support, eFax has 24-hour toll-free telephone assistance. It provides email support and live chat. There's an exhaustive list of troubleshooting FAQs and a handy PDF user guide that you can download from the company's website. The guide offers step-by-step instructions and tips on how to use all faxing features and how to navigate the interface. We also like that the help section has a link to view a demo of the product. This is valuable because it allows you to see how to use and navigate the service, which is especially beneficial if you're a visual learner.

eFax Summary:

This online fax service may not be the best option for small businesses that send a high volume of faxes every month. However, for small to mid-size businesses, its breadth of features, wide-ranging accessibility and notable ease of use may be worth the slightly higher cost of using eFax.



eFax is highly intuitive and easy to use, with a full complement of rich faxing features such as large file sharing and mobile access.

The over-the-limit fax fee is higher than some competitors' fees.

The Verdict:

While it doesn't offer the same value as other services on our lineup, eFax's features and usability may well be worth the (slightly) higher price tag.